Как скачать видео с ютуба в 1080p

There is a root way to do this, but use this even if you have root as this way is easier! 😀

Your official YouTube app wont be affected!

you can also watch YouTube in background + download videos for offline and more!

Download link

If OGYouTube crashes when clicking on downloads, try downloading this older version: http://og-youtube.com/OGYouTubev2.0.apk

Written instructions
1. go to the download link and download
OGYoutube apk file
MicroG apk file (optional if you want google account)
2. install both of those apk's (make sure unknown source is enabled in settings - security)
3. Open OGYoutube (not the original youtube)
4. login to google (optional)
5. Go to 3 dots - settings - downloads and check Enable all qualities

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Maybe 1440p works?!
lel fail video: https://youtu.be/Wf0-Vuim-s4

Thanks for watching!

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